SnapStream Wireless Truck Scale System

Cardinal’s SnapStream Wireless Truck Scale System offers a number of competitive advantages for a new or pre-existing truck scale operations. SnapStream is a digitally-controlled weighing and diagnostic system designed utilizing 802.15.4 Zigbee protocol for reliable and accurate weight and data transmission.

SnapStream may be configured using one to 16 load cells. The SnapStream truck scale junction box accommodates two to four 4-cell analog boards. These junction boxes perform the analog-to-digital weight conversion for each load cell and can transmit data wirelessly to Cardinal’s 205, 210 and 225 indicators where the weight data is displayed. Additionally, the indicators can send data wirelessly to any remote displays, printers, or local remotes Cardinal has to offer.  The communications module may also be used to interface wirelessly from the weight indicator to a PC using USB, RS232 serial, or Ethernet connectivity or a printer using RS232 serial or Ethernet.


  • Eliminates cable runs to peripheral equipment such as remote displays, printers, and PCs.
  • Eliminates burying costly home run cable to the scale
  • Diagnose load cells directly from the indicator
  • Wireless local remote applications
  • Reduces installation time