MSI-5300 Load Ranger

An NTEP approved self-contained Wheel/Axle WeigherThe Load Ranger is specifically designed for mobile weight enforcement and inspection. Each unit is constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio. Extremely lightweight and compact, the Load Ranger allows weight inspection to be set up within minutes. For ease of access and portability, the Load Ranger can be stowed in the trunk of an automobile.

Each weigh pad is sealed from environmental influences and provides 10 tons of loading capacity. Integral loading ramps and a nonskid base provide safe and easy vehicle loading on virtually any type of surface including dirt, concrete, asphalt or gravel.

Load Ranger’s self-contained digital display provides easy operator viewing of weights to the nearest 20 or 50 pound increments at an accuracy of 1.0%. Push-button controls for On/Off and Zero make operation simple with continuous use up to 40 hours. An optional external battery charger (110/230 VAC and 12 VDC) is available to recharge batteries conventionally or from vehicle power (Charges up to 4 batteries simultaneously).

The Load Ranger is tested and approved to NTEP Class IV standards.

Please see the MSI-5300 specifications for standard product configuration and available options.