Bridgemont XL Motor Truck Scale

The new BridgeMont XL is available in both steel and concrete in standard lengths of 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 feet. It is another example of smart design choices with the customer in mind – design choices that reduce the total cost of truck scale ownership.

Features Twenty-five foot modules
 – The XL 75-foot model, which will handle any legal length truck, is a combination of just three modules, four concrete piers, and eight Weigh Bars.

Reduced installation costs
 – Typical 75 or 80 foot truck scales are a combination of as many as five 15-foot or 17-foot modules, a dozen load cells and six pier supports. Every module adds cost, so the BridgeMont XL has just three 25-foot modules, reduced foundation costs with two less support piers, and four fewer Weigh Bars.

Weigh bridge structural integrity
 – It’s the single most important consideration in a truck scale purchase. The BridgeMont XL was engineered and tested using Finite Element Analysis, the computer technology that insured that every component met our critical design parameters.

Proven Weigh Bar performance
 – The heart of every truck scale is its weight sensors. And the Weigh Bar has become the industry standard for long life and accuracy.