Baggage Scale

Three standard platform sizes – Fit most existing counters. Custom sizes are available to suit specialized applications.

Single load cell design
 – No moving parts for low maintenance.

Overload stops
 – Prevent scale damage from excessive loads or dropped objects.

Stainless steel shroud
 – It’s tough, and easy to clean.

WI-190 weight display
 – Simple and fast. With 1/2 inch LCD characters and controls for push-button zero, lb/kg selection and display on/off.

Lb/kg operation
 – Single push-button assures easy selection for use on both domestic and international flights.

Easy to install displays
 – Surface mount or recessed in the counter for optimal operator visibility.

Quick disconnect
 – For easy service or replacement.

 Side rails – Four inches high. Added to the deck surface to prevent baggage from resting on counter sides resulting in incorrect weights.

RD-190 remote displays
 – Use up to three additional displays to provide added convenience for both customer and operator. Allows one scale to be easily used by two operators.

Bi-directional RS-232 output
 – For computer interface. Records weights by customer or by flight or get automatic system calculation of additional charges for excess baggage.