Bench / Counting Scales

C Series Portable Counting Scales

The C series portable counting scales are available in 30 lb/15 kg and 65 lb/30 kg capacities and feature a rechargeable battery pack standard for mobile weighing, up to 99 stored product look ups (9 direct quick keys), stainless steel platform, piece counts with known and unknown weight samples, backlit blue LCD, preset weight and […]

EB-190 Series Bench Scales

The EB-190 series features the 190 Storm indicator and weighs pounds, ounces, kilograms, or grams. Impact resistant and protection from sharp objects, such as scissors and knives, the EB-190’s weight indicator is uniquely suited to food processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, recycling or the chemical industry. Stainless steel construction of the scale platform and column ensures […]

Enterprise APS Series POS/Logistics Scales

DETECTO’s Enterprise® APS series retail point-of-sale (POS) scales integrate with most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data. The Enterprise® series scales offer optional NTEP legal-for-trade wireless capability for ease of data integration. The Enterprise® series come in a multitude of platform sizes to choose […]


The BSQ bench scale base offers an unrivalled combination of accuracy and strength.  The high quality of Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell weight transducer allows users t weigh any item, from a miniature component to a 175 lb/80 kg box, while the design offers exceptional protection against tough environments. Features & benefits Unrivalled Accuracy – highly accurate […]

7829 High Capacity Parcel & Shipping Scale

Features & benefits Available in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit virtually every large parcel and container. Scales range from 75kg/150lb to 150kg/300lb and from 18 to 20 inches. Features high quality Avery Weigh-Tronix design and construction.  Has a stainless steel top pan with a painted mild steel base. Ball top weighing platters […]


Ultegra Series Parcel Shipping Scale has been a popular choice for mailroom shipping operations worldwide.  This rugged and reliable scale is also suited for use in a variety of other non-washdown, general weighing applications up to 150 lbs. Ultimate Durability Made of a high-impact gray ABS composite material that makes it lightweight, yet extremely rugged.  […]

Valor 3000

Rugged, full stainless steel design in a high performance, easy-to-use, portable scale. The ValorTM 3000 Xtreme Compact Precision Scale continues the OHAUS tradition of building high quality, durable products that are easy to use and hard to beat. The Valor 3000 Xtreme takes these OHAUS virtues to a new level by offering high precision 40,000d […]

Valor 2000 Series

A durable, rapid-response food processing scale that enhances safety, efficiency and productivity even in harsh environments!  The OHAUS Valor 2000 water resistant food scale sets a new industry standard with the winning combination of speed and durability.  Available in both stainless steel and plastic housing designs, Valor 2000 offers large LED front and rear displays, […]

Water-Resistant Food Scales

These stainless steel washdown products are specifically designed to provide high-performance in wet or harsh environments.  They combine rugged construction with a food-safe design allowing them to be easily cleaned as well as to be used in wet areas.  The scales are fit for handling meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other items in food processing […]

Valor 7000

The Best Compact Food Scale in its Class! The Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in the OHAUS line of reliable and durable products that will increase your food weighing and processing productivity. Dual displays and touchless sensors, user-friendly menu and setup, along with the speed and accuracy of the results provide […]

Ranger 3000

  Tough, Dependable, Fast, Precise. This multipurpose Ranger 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications.  With nine application modes, Ranger 3000 is the ideal scale to meet many industrial weighing needs.  Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, this scale is beneficial in every corner of […]

7815 Parcel Shipping Scale

Features and benefits Suitable for parcels and large packages up to 75kg/150 lb Highly accurate and legal for trade in the US, allowing you to charge by weight directly from it.  It is also switchable between lb/kg for added flexibility The robust construction and reliability, with a die cast aluminum base and ABS plastic weight […]

Counting Scale PC820

Exclusive Quartzell digital technology defines a highly precise method of counting that’s not available anywhere else. Features and benefits: Better counting means a better bottom line – The closer you can get to a perfect parts count, the closer you can get to just-in-time inventory. Which will then give you greater manufacturing efficiencies, quicker turnaround, and […]

PWLU Inventory Control

The Piece Weight Look-Up is a Windows® 95/98/NT/2000 based program designed to link up to 32 Avery Weigh-Tronix Model PC-820 Counting Scales to a single PC. The PWLU provides a part number based, piece weight look-up database (Access 97 format) that allows you to receive and issue parts from the PC-820, while keeping your entire […]

High Precision Counting Scale PC-902/905

An easy-to-operate, no nonsense counting scale that weighs extremely light parts and reduces the time required to count. The PC-902, using vibrating beam technology provides the highest level of counting accuracy, at an affordable price. Features and Benefits: Vibrating Beam Technology: The revolutionary pure digital transducer uses 25 million counts to provide the internal resolution […]

Ohaus EB Series Counting Scales

Weigh, count, checkweigh, percent weigh–the Ohaus EB Series is a multi-function weighing scale designed for light to medium industrial applications. With fast displayed results, multiple functionality and internal battery operation, the Ohaus EB Series offers versatility, portability and dependability in one affordable package.Features and benefits: Speed, performance and durability in an affordable package East to […]

Ohaus EC Series Counting Scales

The Ohaus® EC Series is designed for fast, accurate operations ideally suited for annual inventories, parts rooms, rentals and other counting applications. Easy to use, the Ohaus® EC Series offers accuracy, durability and portability in one practical design.Features and benefits: 1:30,000 Maximum Displayed Resolution 1:600,000 Internal Counting Resolution Minimum recommended APW from .01 g/.00002lb to .1 g/.0002lb […]

Ohaus Ranger Series High Precision Counting Scales

The OHAUS Ranger™ line of compact counting scales has been upgraded and expanded with new software and enhanced microprocessors for even better performance in demanding industrial applications.Every Ranger count features a large, backlit LCD display with fast display of weighing results within 2 seconds, as well as a RS232 port for quick connectivity to printers and […]

Ohaus Trooper Count Dedicated Counting Scales

The Ohaus® Trooper Count is an economical counting scale with enhanced software designed for flexible counting operations. Featuring simple to advanced counting modes, 300 memory locations for up to 60 items, and an intuitive, easy-to-operate design, the Ohaus® Trooper Count is a practical counting product you can depend on for a full range of industrial use.The Ohaus […]

Sartorius CB Series Counting Scales

One easy turn selects the right reference quantity.  Choice of reference sample quantities: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 parts.  The new rotary selector switch is intuitively the most reliable way to select the reference quantity.  Three displays – new and convenient, piece count, average piece weight and weight readout in the weight […]

3600 High Resolution Bench Scale

Quartzell transducers – High resolution, digital output from a rugged load cell structure. RS-232 standard output – Links to printers, manifest systems, computers, process control systems. Stainless steel shroud – Resists damage; maintains its good looks for years. DuraBridge construction – On heavy-capacity, 18 x 18-inch decks. Deck deflection is less than 1/2 -inch. Minimizes off-center loading error. Selectable […]

3700LP Bench Bases

Five capacities from 10-250 lbs – Select the right base for your application. Stainless steel shroud – Resists corrosion and it’s easy to clean. Rugged – Overload stops help prevent scale damage from excessive loads or dropped objects. Reliable – Low maintenance. Single load cell design with no moving parts. DuraBridge construction – (On 100 lbs and 250 lbs bases) […]

3632 USB Bench Scale

In-line Connectivity – Direct weight input via your PC’s USB port Format, process and send weight data using third-party software A simple, efficient scale for pick and pack stations or weight-based inventory Frees-up your computer’s Com Ports for printers, bar code scanners or other peripherals Eliminates the need for a separate scale power connection Quartzell™ Precision – […]

Bullseye Bench Scale

The B-TEK Bullseye Bench Scale features a sturdy cast aluminum base and a heavy gauge stainless steel shroud.  B-TEK designed the Bullseye Bench Scale for solid, stable performance at an attractive price point.  The Bullseye Bench Scale is the perfect solution for all your general purpose weighing applications. Features and specifications: Durable cast aluminum base […]

Diamond Series Bench Scale Cart

Adjustable platform heights – From 24 to 34 inches. Assures maximum operator comfort. Moveable indicator – Indicator post rotates 360° in 45° increments. The indicator adjusts up and down for diminished glare and best reading angle. Stainless steel construction – Meets USDA food processing requirements. Easily withstands washdown. Long Life – Rugged construction–150% overload capacity extends the life and […]


The ProBench is a durable, economical bench scale for uncomplicated industrial weighing. Features and benefits: Convenient selection of sizes Five capacities from 10 to 250 pounds. Available in NTEP or non-NTEP versions. Rugged construction Low capacity (SC-310 and 311T) models have heavy-gauge plated steel understructure and stainless steel shroud. The SC-320 and 321-T medium capacity […]

3700LP Bench Scales

Backlit LCD display – Easy to see in all kinds of light. Display can be attached to base or remotely mounted with 7 ft of included cable. Five capacities from 10 lbs to 250 lbs – Select the right base for your application. DuraBridge construction – (On 14″ X 14″ and 18″ X 18″ scales) Less than 1/2 […]

Bullseye Shipping Scale

The B-TEK Bullseye Shipping Scale is a lightweight versatile shipping scale designed specifically for portability without compromising performance. The Bullseye Shipping Scale has an efficient design and UPS compatibility; making it the perfect solution for all your shipping needs. The Bullseye Shipping Scale is available with custom capacities to satisfy all of your application requirements. […]

3600 Bench Bases

Quartzell transducers – High resolution, digital output from a rugged load cell structure. Type approved “T” models to 10,000d – Ideal for any certified weighing transaction such as shipping or mailing operations. New tasks for a standard bench base – Use the Quartzell base as a high resolution remote base for your PC-810 Counting Scale. Or link it […]

Industrial Bench Scale

The B-TEK Industrial Bench Scale features rugged, heavy-duty construction to ensure long term performance and service life. The B-TEK Industrial Bench Scale is designed for high performance and reliability in a variety of Industrial applications, including general purpose weighing, check-weighing, bagging, packaging and other high accuracy industrial weighing applications. Features and specifications: Carbon steel or […]

Diamond Series Bench Scales

Large selection – Choose the size that is right. Capacities from 30 to 500 lb. Deck sizes of 14, 18, 20 and 24 inches. Stainless or carbon steel – Choose the scale that’s right for the working environment. Proven design – They are Diamond tough. Count on them for a lifetime of hard work. Rugged – Overload stops protect […]

Torsion Bases

The patented Break-Away Load Transfer System keeps dropped loads and side loads from wrenching the shroud and damaging the load cell. Expect long life from the Avery Weigh-Tronix Torsion Base Proven 500% overload protection – Torsion assembly in the scale base automatically transfers shock loads and overloads away from the load cell to the scale frame. […]